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Impex Trade and Construction


Our Story

Professional & Reliable

Since breaking into the industry in 2006, Impex has been recognized as one of the most dependable General Contractor Company in Egypt. In Impex, we look at every project we complete as something you and the community will live with every day. It is more than concrete and steel, It is a living facility For over 17 years, Impex has transformed visions and ideas into Living Realities. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industries and business sectors, giving us the opportunity to apply our thorough experience and passion for excellence to each project, no matter what they are building. From educational spaces to industrial/manufacturing facilities to multi-level commercial buildings and criminal justice facilities, the heart and soul of our business is building yours.

Construction Sites

To be sought out as the recognized and trusted firm in the industry and community, retaining, developing, and attracting the best in committed construction leadership, and to drive deliberate and intelligent growth of the company

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